Annual Membership $90  Pay by check, money order or with Zelle

If you would like to pay by check make it out to  El Centro College Faculty Association and
give to Glenda Easter, Benja Allen, or your division representatives.

Why use Zelle:
  • Supported by all major banks.
  • Covered by FDIC and major bank fraud protection.
  • No fees for either party.
  • Can be processed on mobile devices with banking apps and Treasurer’s email.  No account numbers or card numbers are needed.

Step by Step Instructions

       1. Log into your personal banking or credit card app or 
       2. Select Transfer/Send.
       3. Enter dues amount.  $90 for full time faculty.  $35 for adjunct faculty.
       4. Enter your college Treasurer’s email.
       5. Enter your college Treasurer's name.   Benja Allen
       6. Select the For What? Tab.                            Enter: “College FA Dues 2018-2019”
       7. Select Send Money.
       8. Both the Treasurer and member will receive an email receipt.